0.13.1 released

Saturday, April 22, 2017 | Posted in Release

0.13.1 is a high priority release that everyone is encouraged to update as soon as possible. PR #1842 fixed a garbage collection bug that resulted in GC running too often and in turn could have a large impact on performance for some applications.


  • Reify function references used as addressof operands correctly (PR #1857)
  • Properly account for foreign objects in GC (PR #1842)
  • Compiler crash when using the addressof operator on a function with an incorrect number of type arguments



Sean T. Allen

Sean is a member of the Pony core team. His turn-ons include programming languages, distributed computing, Hiwatt amplifiers, and Fender Telecasters. His turn-offs include mayonnaise, stirring yogurt, and sloppy code. He is one of the authors of Storm Applied, and VP of Engineering at Wallaroo Labs.