0.19.3 Released

Monday, October 09, 2017 | Posted in Release

Pony 0.19.3 includes a number of bug fixes including a possible memory leak. Upgrading as soon as possible is recommended.


  • Fix small chunk finaliser bug. (PR #2257)
  • Don’t verify partial calls for method bodies inherited from a trait. (PR #2261)
  • Fix broken method and type headings in generated documentation (PR #2262)
  • Fix array inference from ReadSeq interface with tuple element type. (PR #2259)
  • Fix compiler crash related to inferred lambda argument in apply sugar. (PR #2258)
  • Fix excess work stealing under low loads (PR #2254)
  • Fix compiler crash on case methods with _ as a method parameter. (PR #2252)
  • Fix implicit fallthrough in array inference. (PR #2251)


Sean T. Allen

Sean is a member of the Pony core team. His turn-ons include programming languages, distributed computing, Hiwatt amplifiers, and Fender Telecasters. His turn-offs include mayonnaise, stirring yogurt, and sloppy code. He is one of the authors of Storm Applied, and VP of Engineering at Wallaroo Labs.