0.22.6 Released

Thursday, June 07, 2018 | Posted in Release

With the introduction of the Pony 0.22.x series, we introduced two performance regressions and a tuple handling bug that could cause crashes during compilation. Pony 0.22.6 fixes the performance regressions and the compiler bug. Upgrading is recommended.


  • Fix compiler segfault caused by dead code removal of tupled variables (PR #2757)
  • Fix collections/persistent/Lists.from() to return elements in the correct order (PR #2754)
  • Fix performance related to dynamic scheduler scaling (PR #2751)
  • Fix incorrect disposable/destroyed epoll resubscribe handling (PR #2744)
  • Fix performance regression in serialization performance (PR #2752)


Sean T. Allen

Sean is a member of the Pony core team. His turn-ons include programming languages, distributed computing, Hiwatt amplifiers, and Fender Telecasters. His turn-offs include mayonnaise, stirring yogurt, and sloppy code. He is one of the authors of Storm Applied, and VP of Engineering at Wallaroo Labs.