A quickstart for debugging Pony with LLDB

A collection of LLDB extensions for working with the Pony programming language.

Steps to build Pony runtime to track memory consumption.

Visual Studio Code

In order to debug programs in the Visual Studio Code debugger (either on Windows or with GDB or LLDB on Unix), you need to set the debug.allowBreakpointsEverywhere setting to true, so you can set breakpoints in .pony files. Then make a launch configuration that runs your program.


How to obtain coverage for runs of pony programs or test executions


How to get the best performance from your Pony code.

Other helpful tools

Pony Patterns is a cookbook style collection of patterns for working with Pony. Most folks aren’t familiar with writing actor-model based code. Even fewer are familiar with doing it in a typed language that features causal messaging. Wondering how to do something? Check out the patterns and see if there’s one that solves your problem. Patterns is a curated community-driven project. Feel free to open an issue requesting a pattern on how to do X, or open a PR to contribute your own pattern.

Library Scaffolding Generator is designed to get you up and running with everything you need to start writing your own excellent Pony library.

Simple dependency manager for the Pony language.