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Services Sponsors

The following companies kindly donate resources to Pony. We are incredibly grateful for their support. We love using their services and think you would as well.


1Password hosts our shared secrets for free as part of their open source support. It solves quite a few problems for us.


Appveyor runs our continuous integration tests on Windows. They support a ton of open source projects. Wonderful service.


CircleCI runs our continuous integration tests on Linux. It lets us test our code on manifold configurations and architectures. They support several open source projects. Amazing solution.

Cirrus CI

Cirrus CI provide us with free services to run our FreeBSD and MacOS CI jobs, like they do to all open source projects. Simply brilliant.


Cloudsmith is providing free hosting for our nightly builds. That’s incredibly awesome and they are great folks.


JFrog hosts our release artifacts on Bintray. They are some of the nicest people we’ve ever dealt with. We initially set up our bintray in a way that was using way too much space. They worked with us to solve the problem AND set us up with a free Artifactory account as well.


Netlify hosts our website. They are an amazing service for hosting static websites. We take advantage of some their features. After using Netlify, we’re not sure we’d ever want to use anything else.


Packet has been really gracious and provided us credits for hosting our services, such as the Pony Playground. They’re awesome people!


Zulip powers and hosts our team chat service, thanks to their open-source hosting plan. We’re very happy with it!