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Good First Issues

Across that various repositories that make up the Ponylang project, some issues get marked as good for folks getting started contributing to Pony. The general idea behind the “good first issue” label is to make it simple for people to find issues that should be easy to get started with. Generally such issues are well defined and don’t require a deep understanding of the codebase to get started.

Every week, we post a list of all open “good first issue” tickets from across all of our repositories. You can find the latest list in the contribute stream in the Pony Zulip.

Pony is a volunteer project and we welcome contributions from everyone. We are happy to help you get started contributing to Pony. If you have any questions about any of the issues, feel free to ask in the contribute stream in the Pony Zulip.

Every little commit helps and “good first issue” tickets are a great way to assist the project with a small time commitment.