Interested in helping develop Pony? Awesome. We could use the help. Here’s a list of projects that are currently underway that you can assist with. If none of them interest you, drop a note to the Zulip community and we should be able to find something that suits your interests.

Not sure where to start?

If you are new to Pony or don’t have a ton of time to devote to helping, we suggest you check out Project Documentation and help to improve our docs. Contributing to documentation is a great way to start learning Pony. Teaching a subject is an incredible way to learn the subject.

If you are new to Pony and have more time to devote, check out the Good First Issues. Tackle stuff from that and if we run out, switch over to helping with documentation.

If you are a bit more experienced with Pony then it might be time to get involved with triaging incoming issues. Not only will triaging help move the project forward but it’s a common first step towards becoming a Pony committer.

Triage incoming issues

Users regularly open issues against the ponyc repository. Staying on top of them and moving them along to a conclusion is an important part of the development process. If you’d be interested in helping in this area, please check out our triaging ponyc documentation.

Project Documentation

Documentation is the lifeblood of an Open Source project. It makes it easier to get new users up and running with the language. Our ability to grow Pony usage will be directly tied to the quality and breadth of our documentation. Assisting with adding documentation for Pony is a great way to get started helping out with Pony. Check out Project Documentation.

Good First Issues

When issues come into the ponyc GitHub project, as part of our initial triaging of issues, some get marked as good for outside contributors. The general idea behind this label is to make it simple for people who want to contribute to Pony but don’t have much time or knowledge about Pony. These issues are a great way to get started with contributing and start learning more about Pony. Check out the Good First Issues.