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Debugging Pony Programs

LLDB is the primary step debugger we use with Pony. However, you can use any similar step debugger like gdb.

We have a couple of resources that can help get up to speed with using LLDB with Pony.

We have a quickstart guide: Pony LLDB Cheat Sheet. Which if you have some experience with debuggers like LLDB, should be enough to get up going.

There’s also a collection of Pony LLDB Extensions that can help improve your Pony/LLDB experience.

Debugging Pony with Visual Studio Code

In order to debug programs in the Visual Studio Code debugger (either on Windows or with GDB or LLDB on Unix), you need to set the debug.allowBreakpointsEverywhere setting to true, so you can set breakpoints in .pony files. Then make a launch configuration that runs your program.

Tracking Memory Usage

Interested in tracking Pony runtime memory consumption? Checkout “Making Pony track memory usage”.