Last Week in Pony - June 4, 2017

Saturday, June 03, 2017 | Posted in Last Week in Pony

Last Week In Pony is a weekly blog post to catch you up on the latest news for the Pony programming language. To learn more about Pony check out our website, our Twitter account @ponylang, or our Zulip community.

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Items of note

  • Audio from the May 31st Pony Development Sync is available for your listening pleasure. Unlike the previous week where we mostly stuck to one subject, we were back to our more usual freewheeling style. If variety is your bag, you’ll enjoy this sync call.

News and Blog Posts

  • Patiency Shyu was introduced to Pony during a recent summer school experience and wrote up some of her initial impressions. What I Learned at Summer School.


Interested in making a change, or keeping up with changes to Pony? Check out the RFC repo. Contributors welcome!

New RFCs

  • I introduced a new RFC titled “Send arbitrary messages to notify classes” that attempts to address a current shortcoming in several standard library classes. It’s not a great long term solution but provides a nice, non-breaking stopgap. From the summary: “Update existing standard library classes that have “notify” classes that allow for programmer specialization, for example, TCPConnnection with its TCPConnectionNotify class, to allow to arbitrary messages and data to be sent to the notify class.”


Sean T. Allen

Sean is a member of the Pony core team. His turn-ons include programming languages, distributed computing, Hiwatt amplifiers, and Fender Telecasters. His turn-offs include mayonnaise, stirring yogurt, and sloppy code. He is one of the authors of Storm Applied, and works at Microsoft Research.