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Last Week in Pony - February 22, 2021

Ponycheck has become an official Ponylang project. @ergl has opened a new RFC related to FFI declarations. We also have notes from Sean T. Allen and Theo Butler on how to start contributing to Pony.

Items of note

  • Ponycheck has become an official Ponylang project. Previously it lived on GitHub as a personal project of @mfelsche’s. @SeanTAllen asked @mfelsche to donate it to the Ponylang org as a number of other Ponylang libraries depend on it. @mfelsche is working on getting it to conform with our latest project standards.

  • Anyone interested in helping out on Pony tools like ponyup? Feel free to send a message on the #contribute to Pony stream and tag me (@Theo Butler) if it’s related to ponyup. We’re always happy to walk new contributors through our projects to get them started.


  • Version 0.2.4 of ponylang/http_server has been released. See the release notes for more details.


New RFCs

A note from Sean T. Allen:

Recently on the Zulip, @mfelsche made a comment:

“I don’t have too much time either, but i would love to see this in pony and am ready to invest some time to team up. (Think 1h per day tops)”

I wanted to point out that as a volunteer project, if we got 4 to 5 hours a week from volunteers to work on features, improve documentation etc. it would really move Pony forward. There’s so much to do with a programming language and its ecosystem and I know folks might not feel like they can contribute much with the time they have, but less than an hour per day will over time lead to massive improvements.

If you would be interested in donating a bit of your time, please join the #contribute to Pony stream. Ideas of how to contribute are posted there from time to time and it’s a wonderful place to chat about your skills and the amount of time you have to contribute and us to help you find things that are achievable for you and hopefully fun too.

I love Pony, I love the community and at times, I get a little sad that we aren’t “moving faster”. Every helpful PR really raises my spirits. And I know it can feel like you can’t contribute because you have so little time, but trust me, you can make an enormous difference with even “just a bit of time” each day.

If this post gets even a couple people to do a bit of contributing on a regular basis, I’ll feel like it was a tremendous success.

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