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Last Week in Pony - August 7, 2022

This week we add a new section to This Week in Pony where your (currently nomadic) Author will highlight a language trait or principle that, if you are new to pony may surprise you.

Ponies can’t sleep…

More accurately, pony doesn’t have a sleep command or equivalent. In fact, Pony has zero blocking operations.

We don’t block for IO.

We don’t block for synchronous calls to actors (they don’t exist).

We don’t block waiting for locks (they don’t exist either).

We don’t block.

Pony’s philosophy has performance second only to correctness. One does not get performance if one introduces unnecessary latency.

For those of us who came from languages that block, there’s a section in the pony patterns website that provides examples of how to perform functions that would typically block in other languages.

Items of note

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