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Last Week in Pony - March 3, 2024

This past week was a relatively slow week. We did manage to get the Vimeo migration completed. We also had a good Office Hours session.

Items of Note

Vimeo Transition Complete

We’ve migrated all our Pony Development Sync recordings to Vimeo. You can find them all in the Pony Development Sync channel.

We’ve also migrated the 3 Roaring Bitmap meeting recordings. You can find the, in the Roaring Bitmap channel.

Pony Development Sync

The recording of the February 27th, 2024 sync is available.

Office Hours

This week’s Office Hours was in many ways, a recap of last week’s. Adrian Boyko took Red Davies through the particulars of the “leasable buffer” that was discussed last week.

Additionally, Adrian shared a link to a very cool data structure from the GNU Radio project emulates a ring buffer.

While Red and Adrian were talking, I was working on getting a pull request in shape to fix a bug in mkdocs-htmlproofer-plugin that was causing us to not be able to proof all our URLs in the Pony website. That pull request was a follow-on to another pull request that I opened last week.

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