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Last Week in Pony - November 10, 2019

Last week has seen a ton of improvements to our CI and release automation thanks to Sean T. Allen. We have also been working toward making ponyup the default for installing and managing the Pony compiler and tools. Three new members have been inducted into the Pony core team.

Items of note

  • Audio from the November 5, 2019 Pony sync is available here.

  • Version 0.4.0 of changelog-tool has been released. See the release notes for more details.

  • This week, the Pony Zulip crossed the 400 member barrier. 500 members, here we come! Not a member already? It’s the place to get help with Pony and as a bonus, there’s streams where you can follow along with Pony development conversations. Can’t beat that with a stick! Come join us.

3 New Core Team Members

Pony gets 3 new core team members!

We are happy to announce that long-time Pony contributor Theo Butler has accepted our invitation to join the Pony core team. Theo has regularly stepped in to help out and push Pony forward and we look forward to seeing what he does going forward.

Also joining the core team this week is Andrew Turley. Andy has been part of the Pony community for quite some time. Andy might be most famous for putting together the awesome Pony workshop materials that we use to help teach Pony to folks.

And last, but not least, Gordon Tisher is joining the core team. Most folks usually interact with Gordon because he does the vast majority of the maintenance Windows support in Pony. He also is working on getting us a unified build system and does work on updating Pony to support new LLVM version.

Welcome aboard @theodus, @aturley, and @kulibali!

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