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Last Week in Pony - November 3, 2019

Pony 0.33.0 is out! This release includes changes to the pony runtime options and a major step toward providing prebuilt binaries for Linux platforms. This is the first Ponyc release available as tar.gz packages for x86-based Linux distributions. The ponyup tool will soon support managing release and nightly installations of pony toolchains.

Items of note

  • Pony 0.33.0 has been released. See the release notes for full details. Lots going on, you’ll have to check the notes to get the full scoop.

  • Audio from the October 29, 2019 Pony sync is available here.

  • On Wednesday, Brian and Sean did a second live stream of Sean teaching Brian Pony. Check it out:

  • The Pony Playground is still offline. Paul who has been hosting it for the last couple of years has been away and the machine it runs on is completely offline.

    We are working on arranging hosting that multiple team members will have full access to. Once we get that (we are talking to a couple of different providers about getting free hosting), then we will set up a new playground. By having multiple people have full account access, we hope to avoid this situation in the future. Previously, because Sean and Joe had root access to the playground, they could fix any issues. They can’t this time because the machine appears to be completely offline or at least, completely locked up as no remote access is possible.

    We’d like to thank Paul for donating hosting for the last couple of years. It’s been a huge boon to the community and he was awesome to step up not only with hosting for the playground but, getting it set up and doing regular maintenance.

Last Week In Pony is a weekly blog post to catch you up on the latest news for the Pony programming language. To learn more about Pony check out our website, our Twitter account @ponylang, or our Zulip community.

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