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Last Week in Pony - March 31, 2024

Pony 0.58.3 has been released. The only change is fix for a bug in documentation generation. Update at your leisure.

Items of Note

Pony 0.58.3 on Apple Silicon

The Pony 0.58.3 doesn’t have a release for Apple Silicon. The was a problem during the release and given the relative unimportance of the release, it was decided to not hold up the release for the Apple Silicon build. We’ll get that fixed for the next release.

Pony Development Sync

Audio from the March 26th, 2024 sync is available.

We had a few issues and PRs to cover. A lot of conversation was related to organization of information in the tutorial.

Sebastian H├Ądrich followed up on the sync discussions by opening a mess of PRs. Go Sebastian. That was awesome.

Office Hours

Office Hours attendees were myself, Red, Adrian, and Niclas. Niclas had no working microphone.

Red pointed out during the call that there was a documentation in the JSON repo that was incorrectly generated. During the call I tracked down the issue and opened a PR to fix it.


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