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Last Week in Pony - May 26, 2024

We had an excellent Office Hours this week and from the sounds of it, an interesting Development Sync meeting.

Items of Note

Pony Development Sync

The recording of the May 21, 2024 sync is available.

I wasn’t able to attend. Adrian and Joe passed along the following information about a conversation that happened after the agenda that wasn’t recorded:


It’s probably worth describing our not-recorded discussion for the sake of Last Week in Pony: Joe, Red, and Adrian talked for some time about additional and/or modified capabilities. We discussed:

  • A lin cap which is more restrictive than iso and would enable linear types.
  • The idea of eliminating tag which would make iso as restrictive as lin and eliminate the need for the latter.
  • Additional “borrow” capabilities which would make usage of iso simpler in certain very common scenarios.


I would rephrase “eliminating tag” as “eliminating tag aliases of iso as capable of and used for memory retention” (which happens to also be a requirement for if we want to eventually move Pony to the Verona runtime)

Office Hours

Dan Plyukhin stopped by to discuss his work on distributed actor garbage collection and cycle detection. You can find information about Dan’s work at

You should check it out. It’s pretty cool.

I won’t be at Office Hours next week. I’m taking a nice 3-day weekend.

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