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Last Week in Pony - August 29, 2021

Version 0.43.2 of ponylang/ponyc has been released! Andrew Turley’s Pony LLDB extensions have been donated to the Ponylang organization. Sean T. Allen gave a walk-through of the code in the forthcoming Pony GitHub REST API library at the most recent Pony Virtual Users’ Group.

Last Week in Pony - August 15, 2021

There’s a new public calendar for the Pony Virtual Users’ Group meetings, and a new one is scheduled for Wednesday, August 25th at 15:00 US Eastern. A gist has been created that shows how to integrate VSCode and lldb for UI-based debugging of Pony code. A Pony project indexing site,, has been updated to version 0.4.0.

Last Week in Pony - August 8, 2021

Version 0.43.1 of ponylang/ponyc has been released. RFC 70, ‘Split FilePath constructor to guarantee constructor with AmbientAuth’, has been approved. Andreas Stührk, aka @trundle, has donated his templating library to the ponylang organization.