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Last Week in Pony

Last Week in Pony June 11, 2023

There is an excellent Zulip thread that was opened this week by Victor Morrow that is a wonderful jumping off point to talk some about debugging and common debugging mistakes. Plus, a bit of synchronicity between part of an Office Hours conversation and a blog post that Adrian came across the next day.

Last Week in Pony May 14, 2023

Although not a ton happened in the world of Pony this week, this is still a very special day. One of my favorite days of the year: “Shaft Day”. That glorious day that we all gather together with our loved ones and listen to the music of Isaac Hayes and celebrate his glorious musical legacy.

And remember, Isaac pairs well with Pony so… be sure to program some Pony today while you are working on getting to Phoenix.

Last Week in Pony April 30, 2023

Keeping an open source project up and running has lots of hidden time that goes into it. This past week was one of those. A few things that happened, our Windows CI and builds related to anything that uses LibreSSL started failing consistently. Turns out that the site we were getting LibreSSL from was down. After digging around for a while, Sean figured out that which is what all links on use appears to be far more reliable than the that is used for links on the LibreSSL site. And, they both have the same content. So, we got to update a bunch of libraries and applications that rely on LibreSSL on Windows to fix the failures. You’ll see a lot of releases related to that change that happened this week.